To quote Tom Stoppard:  "Life in a Box is better than no Life at all".
For many of us the TPPlayers Black Box Theatre breathes life into our souls.  It is here we uncover the dormant genius, let laughter echo our songs and bind our hearts together through the rhythms of our Art.
Inside The Box we grow beyond measure; we dream and create magic that has the power to alter lives of those who share our visions.  These gifts of The Black Box are available to all who have the curiosity and desire to embrace it.
The TPPlayes produce 3 - 4 productions per year and are not directly connected with any District VPA curriculum.  This not only gives us independence with regards to performance materials, but provides a unique opportunity to open auditions to any student enrolled at Torrey Pines regardless of Theate experience.
All student Artist who perform, design/execute sets, lights, costumes, stage-manage, become Technical or Musical Directors are volunteers.
They come to The Black Box curious of its perceptible, magic, and along the way find the Art in themselves.


         Acting 1 (p  VPA)

         Acting 2 (p  VPA)

         Advanced Acting (p  VPA)

         Advanced Drama (p  VPA)

         Drama Production (p  VPA)

         Costume Design (p CTE/VPA)


         Theatre Educator 23 years



                 Lighting Design

                 Costume Design

                 Scenic Painting

"It is through Art and  Art only that we can realize our perfection' through Art and Art only that we shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence".  Oscar Wilde